Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 3: This Is Not a Race

A desert violet -- for you, Guy, Earl, Bill, and Dylan!
Nestled in my TarpTent at Burnt Rancheria Campground tonight.  We arrived a little before 3, and, since we were going to miss the post office hours in town, decided to call it a day.  I forget what a luxury it is to get into camp early!  It is one of my favorite things ... to have all of this extra unplanned time to lounge and housekeep.  We dried out our sopping wet gear (it's surprisingly damp for being dry), did some sink and oak sapling laundry, took Ziploc sponge baths, decided what we're ditching in Mt. Laguna, caught up on social media, I brushed my hair ... it was a fantastic afternoon.  I really do love these kinds of days.  They make me feel totally spoiled.  Who needs massages, fancy chocolates, and new clothes when you can have an open air sponge bath, jerky, and clean undies?!  Ah, it's the little things.
Melissa rolling out her IT band.  Massage hurts.

And so this early day was much needed.  We're both a little battered and bruised -- ironically, in the same places.  The aches and pains sparked a good conversation about what to do about it.  We'll slow the pace, lighten our loads by shipping things home tomorrow, stretch and massage more, focus on the positive, and take it a day at a time.  Sounds simple, eh?  Not for two competitive drivers!  We're working hard to look at the big 5-month picture, and not see this as a race.  It doesn't come easily for either of us.  But it is a great challenge.  We try to convince each other, which helps to convince ourselves.  I might say it is more effective than just working on yourself. 

So tonight we rest!  And dream wild dreams in our dry bags and tents and trail-clean clothes.  Tomorrow will bring what it brings.  More views, wildflowers, lizards, and funky tan lines guaranteed.
Finally, a lizard stayed put long enough for a photo!


  1. Did not know you would be near Mt. Laguna. My folks owned the Blue Jay Lodge there when I was born. After they sold it, we would go up from San Diego for dinner now and then. I don't know if the Lodge is still there. After all, this was over 60 years ago. Lou

  2. Looking good, Dor!