Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 2: Gettin' the Rhythm

Metamorphic rock formation. Check out the moon!

Whereas yesterday was so new and exciting that my brain couldn't ever quite settle in, today I experienced a few hours if the "rhythm."  Colin Fletcher says something about it in The Complete Walker, he says it takes 2 or 3 weeks to shakedown, to settle into the rhythm of the hike and shake of the pace of civilization.   I am not yet there, of course, but I did have a glimpse of it in our last 4 miles.  (We're at Cibbets Flat Campground tonight ... arrived a little after 7.  No major mishaps except Melissa's stove is not working, and I almost caught the picnic table on fire with mine.  Fortunately, I packed enough dinner for two, and my fire went out before I accidentally doused it with fuel.)

How do you know you're in the rhythm?  I'm sure it's different for everyone, but for me it's enjoying the birds and the wildflowers and the geology and the views so much, that you find yourself just cruising along, thinking of everything and nothing.  It was wonderful.  See, yesterday was a hard day and left the two of us pretty beat up.  Today was a little rocky, and those last 4 miles, feeling the rhythm, was very reassuring.  That there will be an end to the nagging, distracting aches and pains.
A wild peony. One of my favorites.

And from my constantly worrying mind -- which I realized today that this trip is going to force me to work on.  I tend to worry about all details and scenarios when it comes to new things, and now I have that and the perceived responsibility for my cousin -- who is relatively new to the PCT and brand new to backpacking.  I found myself all tense today and then realized that having Melissa along is going to make me work on this part of me.  Hooray!  (I might have gotten away without it otherwise...or it at least would not have come out so soon!)

All in all, a good day.  Not as exciting as yesterday, but maybe better because of it.

Yucca flowers. One of my new favorites!


  1. So excited for you Dor! Sounds like things are going fairly well!

  2. Now you are going to get to see all the lovely wildflowers that ex-Californians enjoyed while there! Lou